a. Physical Education:

Thuthukani has a Physical Education Program as part of the holistic educational plan for the school, and as described in CAPS Gr R to 5 for learners with Severe Intellectual Disability. All of our learners have intellectual disability, but many have additional disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, other physical, hearing and visual impairments. Despite this, we include all our learners in a planned, regular Physical Education program, where they are involved in developmental activities as well as being introduced to sport activities. The program is presented by qualified educators and class assistants. This program is further strengthened by the learners’ class teachers who teach them how to play traditional games.

Thuthukani hosts an annual interhouse sport day, The learners are divided into teams. They compete in athletics as well as for a “spirit cup”.

b. Sport Codes Offered and Affiliations:

  • Cricket: Affiliated with KFC Mini & Maxi Cricket, South African Sports Association for the Intellectually Impaired (SASA II)
  • Table Tennis:      Affiliated with SASA II and Special Olympics South Africa (SOSA)
  • Athletics (Field and Track Items): SASA II and SOSA
  • Soccer:                 SASA II and SOSA
  • CP Soccer:           South African Sports Association for the Physically Disabled (SASAPD)
  • Swimming:          SASA II, SOSA, Fish Eagles Swimming Club
  • Netball:                SASA II
  • Hocker:                SASA II
  • Volleyball:           SASA II
  • SA School Sport: For Netball, Swimming, Athletics, and Soccer.

Our sport coaches are drawn from our staff members, all who have an interest in a sport code, or who have had some experience in coaching sport. Whenever possible, our staff attend training courses, and many of our volunteers and other support staff have been elected to the National and Provincial coordinating teams of the bodies we are affiliated to.

Our sport codes often compete against other learners with disabilities, but we also have informal competitions (in conjunction with Special Olympics) where our learners compete against other mainstream schools. Our learners excel in sport and are often chosen to compete at provincial and national level. Some of our learners have been selected to represent South Africa overseas at the Special Olympic Games.

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