Pre-Vocational Phase

The Pre-Vocational Phase is a specialised program that is offered after the learners have completed their normal schooling. It offers some of our stronger learners an opportunity to learn a skill that they can use to find employment in the open labour market. The learners are given training for one year in one of the following skills: Hand and Machine Sewing, Domestic and Industrial Cleaning, or Gardening. Our instructors are drawn from the support staff at Thuthukani due to their skills in one of these areas. The program is overseen by an Occupational Therapist, who uses Pre-Vocational Therapeutic Principles to prepare the learners to secure work, and to sustain employment in the open labour market. A final assessment by independent members of the community determines if the learners pass the course, and on passing, the learners receive the tools that they have been trained on to start working, e.g. the sewing learners takes their sewing machine home and they can start working from home.

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