School Governing Body

Thuthukani Special School’s governing body is elected every three years as per Section 24 of the South African Schools Act 84 of 1996. The governing body consists of the School’s Principal, elected members and members co-opted to allow the SGB to perform its functions, bearing in mind that Thuthukani is a school for learners with severe to profound intellectual disability.

The SGB has the following aims for Thuthukani Special School:

The school’s main objective is to prepare learners with severe to profound intellectual disability for absorption into the community and employment market or sheltered workshops by utilising a current, differentiated educational program and presenting other relevant programmes and opportunities to the learners.

The school’s secondary objectives are to promote the learners’:

  1. Knowledge of God and appreciation of His creation;
  2. Language, Mathematics, Life Skills and Elected Practical Skills, Knowledge, Values and Abilities as per the National Curriculum Statement (CAPS Gr R to 5 for learners with Severe Intellectual Disability);
  3. Understanding and Adoption of Good Values;
  4. Independent self-care;
  5. Effective communication;
  6. Perceptual and Motor Skills;
  7. Emotional stability;
  8. Self-esteem;
  9. Worthiness and pride;
  10. Awareness and Respect for the Environment.
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