Thuthukani has a choir and an isishatamiya group who are requested from time to time to perform at functions in the community and for businesses in the area. It is very moving to hear their lovely voices singing our national anthem in harmony, while their hands dance in sign language.

We have teams who participate in Zulu cultural festivals, doing traditional Zulu dances and songs. We offer ballroom and latin american dance lessons to learners and our team often enters competitions where they do very well. We have also entered the local Eisteddfod where our choirs and dance groups have performed very well.

Thuthukani hosts a triennial school concert. This gives our learners and teachers an opportunity to showcase their talents to the community at a gala event.

Once a year we have a Christmas Concert during which each learner has an opportunity to perform an item in class groups for their parents.

Other regular annual events at Thuthukani include Valentine’s Day, Youth Day, Workers Day, Mr & Ms Thuthukani, Spring Day and Heritage Day, where our learners can showcase their talents to their peers.

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