A word from our PRO

Thuthukani Special School is indeed a special place for special kids. Thuthukani is a Zulu word meaning “Progress” or “Moving forward”, and our motto; Mawukhanye means “to let your light shine”. These visible words on our logo are a summary of the vision that we all share.

At Thuthukani we all strive to use the most current and suited educational tools to adapt the National Curriculum Statement. We make the tools functional and applicable to each learner, helping our children to move forward and allowing their lights to shine.

Originally the CLASSIC was developed and used as a tool to access the curriculum. Now by implementing CAPS Gr R to 5 for learners with SID, and the Learning Plan for learners with Profound Intellectual Disability,  our learners with intellectual disability are educated to their full potential. The challenges and rewards offered at the school ensure that each learner benefits from continuous holistic teaching, learning and development. We focus on inclusion,  allowing our learners to have many diverse life experiences. Because they remain a part of the local community, they are better able to cope with the demands of life in society.

At Thuthukani we strive to meet the needs of the child with intellectual disability within his family and the greater community. At Thuthukani we educate children with intellectual disability to be as independent as possible in their communities. Once they have completed their education, some have an opportunity to work in sheltered employment and some undergo training in a job that has a chance of generating an income or assistance to the child’s family. Some of our learners go home to live with their families as independently as they can within the family unit.

As a school, we are proud of our achievements, and we have gained recognition for the work we do for the people with intellectual disability. Our expertise is acknowledged locally, nationally and internationally. We have two recipients of the Paul Harris Fellowship award on staff and our founder, Joanna James received the same award. (The Paul Harris Fellowship Award is a Rotary International Award given in recognition of work done for people with a disability.) In 2016 we entered the National Teaching Awards competition, and achieved great success up to the Provincial level. Thuthukani received National recognition from Murray & Roberts, and were awarded third place in the Letsema Awards – awarded for excellence in sport programs for people with a disability. The school will be receiving financial support for two years to grow the sport program (2019 to 2020). Thuthukani receives recognition from the Department of Education on a regular basis, for various programmes offered to our learners.

But at the end of the day…

Thuthukani Special School offers quality, custom-made education for learners with intellectual disability in Zululand, and every day we help these learners take a step towards independence.

Tanya Girvin

Occupational Therapist, Deputy Principal and PRO.

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