Other support staff

To ensure the smooth running of the school, Thuthukani employs an office team of 5 people. They are tasked with the administrative, financial and secretarial work in the school. The office team includes an assistant who manages a Resource Room. Teachers come here to do research for lesson planning and LTSM (Learning and Teaching Support Material) development. They can also borrow books and other equipment to use in the classroom.

The school’s groundsmen, cleaners, cooks, drivers and security staff – many who are volunteers – are tasked with keeping the grounds and classrooms safe and hygienic for the learners. The cooks prepare 2 meals per day for each child in the school. The school’s bus drivers often need to take learners safely to their rural homes when transport arrangements fail.

Our support staff’s role also extends to understanding the special needs of the learners at Thuthukani, and they can often be seen teaching the learners about their jobs or interacting in a very special, patient and kind way with them.

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