Schooling for learners with Profound Intellectual Disability

At our PID phase (Profound Intellectual Disability Phase) we have teachers who are highly skilled in educating learners who face the biggest barriers to learning due to Profound Intellectual Disability, severe Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities that prevent them from being able to communicate, focus or learn without very high levels of support. At Thuthukani we do not believe in separating learners according to their disabilities, and our learners are placed in mixed groups in the PID classes, so that they can all learn and develop together. These classes are smaller than our other classes, which allows the teacher and class assistant to have more contact time with each child. In the PID phase we use the Learning Programme that has been specially developed for learners with Profound Intellectual Disability. This learning programme focusses on Early Childhood Development with an emphasis on Communication & Language; Life Skills; as well as Visual Perception & Cognitive Skills.

Website link to the SPID learning Programme.

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